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Death's Celebrity Death Pool

Current Standings
Player Points Total Comments
Kirkcaldy Lass 70
Death List Last known status
Sir John Mills Alive
George Best Alive
Liz Taylor Alive
Ronnie Biggs Alive
Margaret Thatcher Alive
Tracy Housel Dead Died Mar 13th 2002
HRH the Queen Mother Dead Died Mar 30th 2002
Dudley Moore Dead Died Mar 27th 2002
Bob Hope Dead Died July 28th 2003
Ronald Reagan Alive
Myra Hindley Dead Died Nov 15th 2002
Dame Thora Hird Dead Died Mar 15th 2003
Liza Minelli Alive
Spike Milligan Dead Died Feb 27th 2002
Kirk Douglas Alive
Pope John Paul II Alive
Tragedy Picks Last known status
Adam Ant Alive
Holly Johnson Alive
Joe Longthorne Alive
The Queen Mother Stakes Jun 6th 2002

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