Death's Celebrity Death Pool

Amended 3rd January 2002

1. This is only a game. A sick one, mind you, but it’s only a game. Do not take this game seriously, we do not condone acts of violence. Contestants who murder celebrities on their list will be expelled from the game.

2. The game will be FREE of charge. There will, however, be a small trophy for the eventual winner.

3. The object of the game : To predict the deaths of celebrities, thus gaining points in a league table sort of thing.

4. Each contestant must pick ten celebrities who they think are due a visit from the Grim Reaper. These picks are FINAL and can only be changed if one of the names on the list expires.

5. On the death of a celebrity on a contestant’s list, ten points will be awarded. The contestant will then be able to choose a new celebrity for their list. Extra points may be awarded at the judge’s discretion for a spectacular or deeply ironic demise.

6. Additionally, contestants may choose a further three celebrities UNDER THE AGE OF 50 who are more likely to die in a tragedy such as a car crash or ski-ing as their “tragedy picks”. These tragedy picks are worth 20 points per stiff.

7. Celebrities with known terminal illnesses ARE allowed in this game. So it pays to get your research right.

8. Lists should not contain children. We may be sick, but we're not...err... sick.

9. A celebrity is defined as a person who lives their life in the public domain, such as a sportsman, entertainer, author, scientist etc. If we haven’t heard of them, then you might not get the points when they croak.

10. Entries must be accompanied by a genuine contact [e-mail] address. Aliases are allowed to protect the guilty parties, but we cannot accept anonymous entries.

11. The Queen Mother Stakes.... has now closed for obvious reasons. This has been replaced by...

11a. The Pope John Paul II Champion Hurdle. Each contestant may choose a date when they predict the Holy Father will buy the farm. Twenty-five points are on offer. Dates previously used in the Queen Mother Stakes will be used except if changed by e-mail.

12. New players may join this game at any time. They will be placed in the league table at either zero points or one point less than the last position in the table, whichever is the higher.

13. The judge’s decision is final.

14. With effect 25th March 2002, death row prisoners and "winners" in "right-to-die" court-cases are not allowed.

15. With effect 15th november 2002, Grim Reaper may decide to embargo changes to players' celebrity lists when it becomes clear that a celebrity is about to die. For example, there were several requests to add Myra Hindley on the day of her death, several being time-stamped after she died. An on-site announcement will be made.

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