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HRH Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
August 4th 1900 - March 30th 2002

These pages are constructed in honour of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Dubbed 'The Nation's Favourite Grandmother' by the popular press, Her Majesty was an example to all in her extreme old age, in which she refused to give up her public duties in favour of retirement. A mother, grandmother and a great-grandmother, her life spanned the entire 20th Century as a constant in an ever-changing society.

Born on 4th August 1900 as The Honourable Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, daughter of the 14th Earl of Strathmore, a became one of the most sought-after debutantes of her age. Becoming friendly with the then Royal family, particularly the younger son of King George V, whom she married in 1923, becoming the Duchess of York.

George V died in 1936, and the Duke's older brother Edward became King. However, Edward VIII's romance with Mrs Wallace Simpson became the scandal of the century, and with Edward choosing his love for the catholic divorcee over the British crown, the Duke of York became King George VI, and Elizabeth his Queen.

George VI became a much-loved monarch, the King and Queen earning the respect of the people during the Second World War by refusing to move out of London, even at the hieht of the Blitz. Bombed out of Buckingham Palace themselves, the Royal couple were seen to muck in with the people of London, encouraging their two daughters - Elizabeth and Margaret to join the armed forces.

On Februrary 6th 1952, Queen Elizabeth's life changed again with the death of her beloved husband. Her daughter Elizabeth became Queen, and the Queen Mother as she became known, has spent nearly half her life as a widow, faithful to the momory of her husband.

However, this has never dimished her lust for life. Her Royal Highness faithfully carried out her public duties to the country that she loves, and was one of the busiest members of the Royal Family. She was forced to cut back on the number of royal engagements as her health failed her, but despite a double hip replacement and other health scares, Her Royal Highness was remarkably fit for her age.

She was the patron or president of some 250 organisations, commander in chief of the women's services of the Army, Navy and Air Force, C-in-C of many regiemnts - her annual St Patrick's Day parade of the Irish Guards wass the stuff of tradition - and Admiral of the Cinque Ports.

Her Majesty had always been a keen sportswoman. She has a passion for fishing, and has been a successful owner of racehorses, a talent since passed on to her older daughter. Her love of life and her family was an example to every person in this country, and we here mourn the sad loss of the Grandmother of our Nation. Rest in Peace Your Majesty.

Although these pages seek humour in the death of Her Majesty and other well-konwn public figures, it is not our intention to wish death upon anybody. Life is sacred, but we must realise that death is part of life and should be celebrated rather than brushed under the carpet. Enjoy yourselves.

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